I'm Olivia, a recent communication Ph.D. and recovering academic.

I have a passion for people, specifically online communities. As a graduate student, my research examined digital rights advocacy online, looking specifically at the ways in which everyday people without legal expertise advocated for their best interests online. My research has appeared in M/C Journal and The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies. I've presented on topics ranging from the use of irony in Girl Talk's mashups to crowdsourced legislation in Finland. Now, I'm hoping to take this diverse experience into industry.

I am trained in strategic communication and messaging, and am broadly interested in all things policy and persuasion online. This isn’t all theoretical, however — I also have experience doing market research for an early-stage startup and editing a blog that encouraged academics to translate their work for a public audience. I am an experienced speaker with six years of teaching experience and sixteen conference presentations under my belt since 2011.

In my spare time you can find me at the yoga studio (volunteering or practicing), trying out a new recipe, or exploring the Bay Area. I'm an avid listener of nearly every kind of music (I'll make you a playlist if you send me a theme, honest) and a dizzying array of podcasts. I'm raising a tamagotchi with moderate success.

For more information about my experience and what I can do for you, take a look at my resume or contact me using your method of choice.